I could not have said it better myself

Probably you had the experience of reading a book and finding something that you would say- I could not have said it better myself. This happened to me when I was reading The Competitive advantage of nations by Michael Porter. So I included it in my book Reputation Strategy.

“Firms would rather not change. Particularly in a successful firm, powerful forces work against modifying strategy. Past approaches become institutionalized in procedures and management controls. Specialized facilities are created. Personnel are trained in one mode behavior. Self-selection attracts new employees who believe in the existing ways of doing things and are particulary suited to implementing them. The strategy becomes almost like a religion, and questioning any aspect is regarded as bordering heresy. Information that would challenge current approaches is screened out or dismissed. Individuals who challenge established wisdom are expelled or isolated. As an organization matures, its need for stability and security seems to rise”

Source: The Competitive Advantage of Nations, Michael Porter, 1998

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