Reputation Strategy

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Reputation Strategy

Every year your board will ask for the business strategy and financial forecasts. The spending on internal communication, public relations, corporate responsibility and any other type of public involvement is not significant and most of the time it will not be discussed. Still it is good to have an answer to the question whether you spend the right amount of money on your reputation.


There are many questions that need to be answered:


Do we spend enough on internal communication?

Is it possible that a 30% budget increase will lead to higher satisfaction and will decrease turnover?

Do we support the right CR projects? Is there a NGO project which if supported might prevent loss of reputation or might prevent regulation? Is there a NGO project, which might also have a positive commercial effect?

Should we increase our budget in social media and move large part of the customer interaction online?

How should we engage with the parliament, the local authorities and the government on legal/regulatory issues?


First step

The first step is to buy and read the book Reputation Strategy by Yasen Guev.